DADM224 offers the solution to antenna and power distribution requirements for portable sound bags with its superior user adjustability functions

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Audio Wireless represents a new voice in radio microphone and broadcast communications technology.

The company is addressing the needs of sound recordists, ENG crews and broadcasters, through a product range that reflects a best-practice approach across all aspects of its conception and production.

With an ethos emphasising quality in design, performance and service, the heart of the company is a multi-skilled team of engineers, with many decades of experience in the operation, design, and manufacture of radio microphone receiving and transmitting systems.



The Diversity Antenna Distribution Module DADM224 offers the solution to antenna and power distribution requirements for portable sound bags with its superior user adjustability functions. The DADM224 offers excellent rejection for interference free operation feeding up to four diversity receivers.

The DADM224 is fitted with 2x BNC as antenna inputs and 2x 4 SMA antenna output connectors. There are 2x 3 switchable DC Hirose power sockets that can supply DC power to other sound-bag or sound-cart equipments. Additionally, Audio Wireless or Micron receivers can be powered through the SMA antenna outputs.

User adjustable settings can be controlled via the intuitive OLED display menu to power remote antenna amplifiers, to switch HRS DC outputs ON/OFF, to adjust the gain of the antenna outputs with +6dB/-10dB and to turn receivers powered through SMA ON/OFF. The DADM224 operates within the frequency range of 470-715 MHz but can also be ordered within specific bandwidths.

The DADM224 is a CNC machined aluminium box, rugged and made to withstand daily use, finished in black anodising with clearly laser marked legends for long term readability.


  • frequency range: 470 to 715 Mhz
  • input impedance: 50 Ohm
  • output impedance: 50 Ohm
  • gain (each output): +6dB to -10dB, user adjustable
  • current consumption: 185mA
  • bandwith available: 470-715 MHz, 470-698 MHz, 470-694 MHz, 470-660 MHz, 470-630 MHz
  • OIP3: > +41dBm
  • port to port isolation: > 20 dB(min.)
  • noise figure: <3dB
  • RF inputs: 2x50 Ohm Standard BNC sockets
  • RF/DC: 2x4x50 Ohm mini UHF SMA sockets
  • main ON/OFF switch: Master switch
  • DC power out: 6x4-pin Hirose sockets individually fused and protected against reverse polarity, standard pin-its, Pin 1(-ve) and Pin 4(+ve)
  • external power: 10-18V @ 1A (min.), reverse power and short-circuit protected
  • phantom dc to receivers: 9Vdc (regulated), individually switched ON/OFF
  • remote antenna powering: switchable dc T-bias powering, 12Vdc @ 200mA max, regulated for active antenna powering, short-circuit protected
  • Hirose dc output: unregulated incoming volts, switched, individually fused and protected against reverse polarity
  • dimensions: 190x64x30mm (WxHxD)
  • weight: 400g
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