Denecke TS-C Compact Time Code Slate  - Color Clapper, EL Backlit

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Founded in 1975, Denecke Inc. is committed to providing the entertainment industry with reliable, high-quality time code equipment.



The Denecke TS-C is a compact full featured smart slate, capable of reading, generating and displaying SMPTE / EBU time code. Its new compact size makes the TS-C ideal for documentary work, insert shots, or anywhere a big slate is too cumbersome. The TS-C jams to all standard frame rates, including 23.976 for HD.

Weight 861 grams
Powering 5.7 to 16 VDC, 6 AA Batteries
Dimensions 12.7 x 21 x 3.14cm
Inputs TC Input, -15dB at 4.7K, on a 1/4" Phone Jack or 5-Pin Lemo plug
Television System NTSC @ 3.58 MHz, PAL @ 4.43 MHz
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