Delivery of microphones Sanken COS-11D to Česká televize

We have delivered many Sanken COS-11D microphones with Lemo 3pin connectors to Česká televize. Most microphones were intended for the Prague studio while a minority were intended for the Ostrava studio. Thank you for this opportunity, we look forward to further cooperation.

Delivery of microphones Sanken COS-11D to Nova television

We have delivered many Sanken COS-11D microphones with specially modified connectors for Sony digital transmitters. The mandate was to produce a smaller connector than the Hirose connector. We took this on and after development, turning and milling, we developed a connector half the size of the Hirose connector. Thank you for your confidence in us and we wish you many years of excellent sound with Sanken microphones.

Delivery of Sound Equipment for the Česká televize Series, Sanitka 2

For the continuation of filming of the Česká televize series, Sanitka 2, we supplied timecode equipment and special custom-made cables.

Creation of Frequency Maps for the Documentary Film, Dva Nula

Sound engineer Václav Flégl joined Janz Audio to film a documentary called Dva nula. The shooting took place during a Sparta vs. Slavia football match. The filmmakers wanted to use over 40 wireless microphones at once, everyone thought that the use of so many microphones was almost impossible. However, Janz Audio under the leadership of the sound expert Mister Jan Zástěra attempted to fulfil the task and the final effect was perfect. All microports, approximately 45, worked with no failures and without interference. Thank you to Vaclav Flégl for trusting us and giving us the opportunity to participate.

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Delivery of the Digital Tourguide System for Euroregion Nisa

Our company was approached with a demand for a digital Tourguide System HD2020 for Euroregion Nisa Liberec.

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