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Compact with 8 inputs, 1 blank, 100-240VAC main PSU

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SONOSAX is a leading manufacturer of high quality audio equipments for mobile and installed applications.



The SONOSAX SX-ST or SX-VT Series are the most compact modular mixing consoles on the market.

As with all SONOSAX products, the SX-ST and SX-VT series are built without any compromise in quality. Sonosax's 25 years of experience have helped to develop and build this mixer which is designed to last a minimum of 12 to 15 years. The reliability of the SONOSAX SX-ST or SX-VT is due to a high-tech design, the choice of the best components available, a meticulous hand assembly and a severe quality control.

Each stage of the modules has been extensively studied to give the highest in quality and performances. The result of the research and development is an ergonomic mixing console with extraordinary characteristics.

Key Features

  • Compact and fully modular construction
  • Un-compromised choice of components
  • Ultra-low noise mic preamps with +48 V phantom power available on all input channels
  • Electronically balanced, transformer less inputs and outputs
  • Wide bandwidth 10 Hz to 200 kHz, suitable for SACD and next converters generations
  • High dynamic range and large headroom
  • Direct Outputs selectable Pre-EQ, Post-EQ or Post Fader
  • 8 Groups individually selectable Pre or Post Pan
  • 4 Auxiliaries individually selectable Pre or Post Fader
  • Limiter on each input channel
  • High quality conductive plastic linear fader
  • Dual peak meters on each input for Pre and Post Fader level indications
  • Triple Monitoring section with 2 Private Lines for communications
  • Large scale level-meter indicators switch able to level and phase correlation meter
  • Internal 8 channels of high quality A to D converter ( optional )
  • Integrated 8 track Hard disk and Compact flash Card recorder ( optional )
  • Compact size and low weight
  • Low consumption

Considered as a cinema industry standard for recording (more than 60 % of the worldwide movie production is using our consoles), the SONOSAX SX-S was designed in 1983 and twenty years of careful listening from clients have allowed this new product today, enlarging the existing SONOSAX SX-S range.

This new range includes 8 / 10 / 12 / 16 / 24 / 32 inputs (stereo input optional), 8 main busses, 4 auxiliary busses, a complete monitoring section with 5 LED-meters, a complete communication system with 2 private lines.

The SONOSAX SX-ST is available in 8 and 10 channels, or 8 channels with 8 DIGITAL outputs. Powered from batteries, or external 12 to 18 V.

The SONOSAX SX-VT is available on 12, 16,24 and 32 channels, with main power.

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