Warranty claim regulation

1. Warranty conditions

The purchaser shall be obliged to inspect the delivered goods and, without any unnecessary delay (however, the next day after receiving the goods, at the latest), to inform the seller about all determined defects. Warranty claims related to obvious defects submitted after the above stated deadline will not be accepted by the seller.

When collecting the goods in person, the purchaser shall be obliged to inspect the goods upon their acceptance and any obvious defects discuss immediately with the seller. The seller will not accept obvious defects claimed by the purchaser later.

The warranty period is governed by the valid legal stipulations. It is thus 24 months, excluding the exceptions specified by the law. The warranty period shall start running at the moment of accepting the goods by the purchaser. It shall be extended by the time, during which the given product is in a given warranty claim repair facility. The warranty period is not extended when a product is exchanged. The purchaser receives a new warranty sheet, which will state the new as well as the original serial number. Shall there be any additional warrant claim, it shall be exercised based on this new warranty sheet.

2. Warranty claim settlement procedure

Shall the purchaser discover a defect on a delivered product during the warranty period, and shall the defect not be caused by its inappropriate use, the purchaser shall have the right to submit a warranty claim for the given goods.

The purchaser can exercise his/her warranty claim using one of the following options:

Upon receiving a defect notification, the seller immediately (however, within two working days, at the latest) informs the purchaser about how to proceed further, which depends on the goods type, and especially about the address where the purchaser shall send to defective goods (authorized service center, closest to the residency address of the purchaser, the seat of the seller, etc.). In your own interest, send the goods that are supposed to be serviced directly to the specified service center and not to a facility of the seller. If you send them to the seller, you will just prolong the warranty claim settlement period since the seller will subsequently send the goods to the given service center anyway.

It is advisable to send the goods in their original package or in a package that is suitable and sufficiently protecting the given product. In order for the warranty claim to be successfully settled, the purchaser shall also submit the corresponding tax document (invoice) or warranty sheet.

Shall the given defect be repairable in the facilities of the customer or at an authorized service center (most cases), the product is repaired free of charge. Shall the defect not be repairable, the product will be replaced at the expenses of the given service center. Individual warranty claims, including defect repairs, shall be settled without any unnecessary delays, however within 30 days after exercising the claim, at the latest, unless the seller and the purchaser agree otherwise.

The right to exercise a warranty claim is terminated in the following cases:

  • by damaging protection seals and stickers, provided they are attached to the product
  • by unprofessional installation, handling or service or by using the product in a way that is in contradiction to the given user manual
  • by using the product under conditions, parameters of which do not comply with the parameters stated in the given documentation
  • the goods become damaged as a result of the impact of natural forces
  • the goods become damaged by excessive burdens or by being used in contradiction to the conditions stated in the given documentation
  • the goods become damaged by being connected to a network that does not comply with the appropriate ČSN

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