Service and development of sound equipment

Some of the most common activities include:

  • custom-made product modifications and repairs
  • custom-made development of small devices for film and tv applications
  • repairs of cables and microphone connectors
  • complete cleaning of mixers (including faders), recorders, etc.

We operate facilities for repair/mainterance and development of sound equipment.

Order handling procedure:

  • placing an order
  • non-binding price calculation
  • approval of the price calculation by the customer
  • (deposit payment, if necessary - only for complicated work that requires purchasing of large quantities of materials)
  • order implementation
  • quality inspection by the customer
  • payment of the agreed price


Custom-made product modifications and repairs: 750 CZK, excluding VAT / hour * (we charge per 1/3 hour increments), a minimum of 20 minutes

* the price of the used material (connectors etc.) is added to the total price

The price of labor increases by 20% for products purchased from other companies.

Microphone connectors replacement/repair

  • 550 CZK, excluding VAT / piece + price of connector (only if replacament of connecotr is necessary)
  • "immediate repair" - 950 CZK, excluding VAT / piece

Development of small sound devices

  • based on detailed specification pursuant to the given agreement

Responsible person

Ing. Jan Zástěra

Phone: +420 604 724 159

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