Installing connectors to microphones

Our company offers professional services in the area of soldering connectors to microphone cables. We can also repair microphone connectors, damaged by their use. The quality of our work is compared below with a connector soldered by competition (the connector is of miniature dimensions, thus the pictures were taken using a microscope).

We use high-quality connectors, which ensure a long lifespan and reliability of the cables. Upon request we can also obtain non-standard connectors and cables from more than 120 manufacturers from around the world.

Order handling procedure

  • placing an order
  • non-binding price calculation
  • approval of the price calculation by the customer
  • (deposit payment, if necessary - only for complicated work that requires purchasing of large quantities of materials)
  • order implementation
  • quality inspection by the customer
  • payment of the agreed price


Installing connecotors to new microphones bought from us: 590 CZK, excluding VAT / hour *, a minimum of 20 minutes

Express connector installing to new microphones bought from us: 690 CZK, excluding VAT / hour *, a minimum of 20 minutes
- while you wait or within 7 days after receiving the given device

* the price of the used material (connectors etc.) is added to the total price

Older microphones connectors replacement/repair

  • 450 CZK, excluding VAT / piece + price of connector (only if replacament of connecotr is necessary)
  • express service 650 CZK, excluding VAT / piece,  repair in 2-5 days
  • "immediate repair" - 850 CZK, excluding VAT / piece

The price of labor increases by 20% for products purchased from other companies.

Responsible person

Ing. Jan Zástěra

Phone: +420 604 724 159

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