Easily attach the Boomhanger to these straps, rest your boom and relax

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We, boom swingers, all know that sometimes you need one or both your hands, for instance to check the script or to adjust your levels. Also, in between takes, it's convenient to give your arms some rest. No need anymore to collapse your boom-pole all the way (especially in those crowded low ceiling places), because now, there is the Boomhanger!



Solid hook, made from strong PA Nylon, to rest your boompole in between takes or in a situation when you need both hands. Holds up to 22 kilograms. Perfectly suited for those working on ENG, tv, or documentaries. Soon we'll be launching the heavy duty Boomhanger for the heavy lifting jobs. 

The Boomhanger comes with a quick link for use with vertical straps and a piece of self adhesive felt which can be applied when desired.

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